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A sarcoma is a cancer in the connective tissue and can begin growing virtually anywhere on the body, but it is most common in the arm or leg.

What are the symptoms of sarcomas?
There will generally be none until the tumor grows large enough to cause pain by pressing against another body part. Pain in an affected bone may be an early sign.

How are sarcomas diagnosed?
A full exam and tests will be done. Imaging, such as a CT scan or MRI, may be done. If it's suspected the sarcoma has formed in the bone, a bone scan may be done. A biopsy will confirm the diagnosis.

What are the treatments for sarcomas?
情况会有所不同, depending on where the sarcoma has formed, whether it has spread, and your age and general health. If possible, surgery will be performed, with the goal of removing the entire tumor. Radiation may be used either before or after the surgery, and chemotherapy may be done. Targeted therapies are another possible treatment.

What are the risk factors for sarcomas?
A past exposure to radiation, as in a previous cancer treatment, is a risk factor. 肉瘤 may have a genetic basis and can run in families. They are most likely to form in children and young adults.

What are some additional resources for learning about sarcomas?
If you or your loved one is facing sarcoma, 网上买球软件 has a whole range of services designed to help you so you never take this journey alone. Please talk to your 网上买球软件 provider or your Nurse Navigator, or check the service pages for information about treatments, services and support groups.